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Let's make homemade ice cream at home!
"I want to make a healthy ice cream with no additives that is safe for children to eat!"
I want to easily make stylish ice cream that looks good on Instagram!

This ice cream maker is recommended for those who want to make homemade ice cream but are worried about additives or allergies. strong>``JC01''! You can choose the materials yourself, so peace of mindSafeAdditive-freeYou can easily make healthy ice cream. Furthermore, you can easily make stylish ice cream, so you can enjoy your time with family and friends. Highly recommended for those looking for delicious and healthy ice cream!


By using a large blade, the ingredients can be thoroughly mixed. Also, by stirring slowly, the right amount of air is added, resulting in a fluffy and smooth texture. This maximizes the flavor of the ingredients, creating an exquisite taste.


``JC01'' invites you on a guilt-free frozen trip!

During this season, you can easily make frozen at home. It's made with simple ingredients and you can adjust the sweetness yourself. Handcrafting not only stimulates children's creativity and imagination, but also has an educational effect. Making food together can also strengthen family bonds. Come and enjoy your time with your family.


You can easily make a smoothie even on a busy morning.



Enjoy the pleasure of being particular, a comfortable juice life.

"JC01" allows you to make fruit juice quickly, preserving the natural flavor and maximum nutrients, and providing instant nutrition even in busy lives. The smooth juice is easy to drink and allows you to enjoy the full flavor of the ingredients. Enjoy your days with seasonal vegetable and fruit juice.

*After the blade rotates, it will automatically stop rotating, so basically you don't need to do anything.

Fruit juice is the best way to replenish your vitamins after exercise! It is a nutritional drink that contains fructose, which helps restore energy and reduce muscle damage.

Vegetable juice

There are many healthy vegetables, but some people don't like eating them, such as celery and carrots, because of their bitter taste, odor, and sometimes fiber content that makes them difficult to chew. but it's okay! If you use ``JC01'', you can turn such vegetables into delicious juice. Vegetable juice is said to be highly nutritious, easy to digest, and has beautifying effects on the skin. You can easily make it using a juicer, so why not enjoy a healthy lifestyle? Even vegetables that you don't like can be made into juices that are easier to eat and drink, so you'll definitely look forward to eating them!




JC01 provides support for people aiming for a healthy diet and weight loss to effectively control their calorie intake while ensuring they are getting the nutrients they need. I am. In addition, by utilizing the natural sweetness of the fruit itself without using sugar, weight loss diets that tend to be monotonous can be enjoyed more deliciously.

Baby food, nursing care food, etc.

You can quickly and easily prepare meals for a wide range of generations, from baby food for small children to nursing care food for the elderly and physically challenged people who have weak chewing and swallowing skills.

Powdery substances can also be easily mixed uniformly.



Start your day comfortably with a cup made with ingredients of your own choice.

Enjoy different flavors with your favorite fruits and vegetables.


◎For you







Juicing: Enjoy fresh fruit and vegetable juice in 15 seconds.



Ice cream: A cool taste of summer to savor in 15 minutes.



Recommended points of 'JC01'

1. Quick extraction with 4 blades rotating at high speed of 18000rpm!

The ``JC01'' blade uses four high-quality food-grade stainless steel blades and boasts excellent sharpness and durability. In addition, it is equipped with a high-speed motor, and the maximum rotation speed can reach 18,000 rpm, instantly removing ice within 1.5 cm. It can be crushed into Furthermore, at the time of development, the shape and angle of the blade were precisely adjusted to achieve best cutting and crushing effects. , provides a finer, smoother-tasting juice. By using "JC01", you can easily enjoy more delicious and healthy juices.

Please use ice within 1.5cm.




2. Elements required for agitation enhancement: spoiler rib

Spoiler ribs are protruding ribs on the cup body that disrupt eddy currents.
The symmetrical spoiler rib design is designed to effectively turbulently mix the vortex during mixing, send the ingredients to the mixing area, and mix the ingredients perfectly . This excellent design is expected to make the taste of the food much more delicate.



What will happen if I don't install a spoiler lip?

Light and small materials, such as vegetable leaves and small fruits, will continue to rotate smoothly on the inner wall along the reflux during stirring, but may not be sufficiently sent to the stirring area, which may adversely affect the quality. In particular, the texture may be affected.

3、 Easy to use

I'm sure many of you have had the experience of purchasing a juicer with the intention of making smoothies, but ended up not using it because it was cumbersome to operate and clean. But“JC01”is different! It's very easy to operate, and you can easily make delicious drinks even on busy mornings. Moreover, cleaning is easy and hassle-free. With JC01, making smoothies will be fun!

 Double-click the button to launch.


4. Easy maintenance

Automatic cleaning: Just add water and detergent and press the switch to automatically clean.
It is recommended to wash with running water if residue remains.


Manual cleaning:The entire machine is removable and waterproof and can be washed with water. There are no dead ends and no residue left behind, allowing for easy and thorough cleaning. Plus, it's easy to wash by hand in addition to the included brush. One of the appeals of JC01 is that it can be kept clean and comfortable to use.

*When washing the main unit, be sure to firmly insert the silicone rubber lid and wash under running water.



5. Charge without worry, available for use anywhere

``JC01'' is equipped with a large capacity battery and can be used for a long time with a single charge. Furthermore, it uses Type-C charging function, making charging very convenient. There is no need to prepare a separate outlet or charger, so you can easily charge it. In addition, since it can be used cordless, it can be used anywhere, giving you more freedom.

One of the features of ``JC01'' is its smart design that suits the busy lifestyles of modern people.


6. Easy to carry around as your own bottle!

Mixers are heavy and large, so some people may be worried about not having enough space to put them in the kitchen, but with the ``JC01'', you don't have to worry! ``JC01'''s bottle has a lightweight design of approximately 550g, making it very convenient to carry. Furthermore, it has a generous 340ml capacity, making it perfect for the gym, school, office, travel, etc. You can easily put it in your bag and carry it without taking up much space.



7. Ingredients safe for babies

Use safe and guaranteed raw materials - PCTG

PCTG is highly transparent, resistant to chemicals, extremely strong, and environmentally friendly. It has also been approved by the US FDA as a food container material, proving it to be a safe , healthy, and non-toxic material. PCTG is highly heat resistant, reusable, and more durable than common plastics, so it can be used safely for a long time. With such attractive properties, PCTG is an excellent material for achieving a sustainable lifestyle.


8. Provide a low-noise experience

Recommended for those who are concerned about operating noise during use. The noise of some juicers can be unpleasant, so to provide a more comfortable juicing experience, the ``JC01'' has a low-noise design. . Therefore, you can enjoy delicious juice anytime without disturbing your family or neighbors.

Quiet room 38-40 dBa
Park 44-45dBa
Ventilation fan 75-76dBa
Hair dryer 95-102dBa


Ingredients that cannot be cooked

The mixer can even crush ice, but there are also ingredients that cannot be cooked.

Things that release oil such as peanuts
Viscous material
● Chinese medicineMedicines
Dried fruits such as raisins
Things containing turmeric-colored pigments
Expanding substance (carbonated water)

For other things that are a bit hard, such as carrots and celery, cut them into 1cm cubes before using the juicer.