Rice Cooker Gift Campaign

AONCIA will be running the “New Life Support! Rice Cooker Gift Campaign” on its official LINE account until March 24, 2024.
Spring is the season when many people start a new life by getting a job or moving. In order to get used to a new environment, it is important to eat properly and adjust your daily rhythm. Therefore, AONCIA will be running a campaign on its official LINE account to give away free rice cookers that are essential to your new life.
From 2021 to the present, AONCIA has been selling stylish 2-cup rice cookers, 3-cup rice cookers, 5-cup rice cookers, and low-carbohydrate rice cookers that combine beauty and functionality.
Currently, we are giving away a free rice cooker to those who apply by following the official LINE account. We look forward to receiving many applications from you!