AONCIA, a trusted brand

In 2016, Musheng Inc. was established and theAKEEYUO brand focusing on auto/motorcycle accessories was born. In 2020, with the philosophy of "providing functional yet stylish products for better living", we entered the consumer electronics market, launching a new brand - AONKIA. Since then, our innovative products like the ultrasonic humidifier, no-fry air fryer, cordless electric kettle, and ceiling fan light have gained popularity across over 100 countries/regions. We'll continue striving to develop exceptional products that elevate your lifestyle.


Ceiling Fan Light

At AONCIA, continuous product improvement and innovation are core concepts. In 2023, after investing millions and tirelessly iterating on our original ceiling fan lights, we unveiled the next-gen LumaFlow - a powerful fusion of functionality and design.

Function: An all-in-one air circulator, fan, and breeze controller.

Design: Inspired by Saturn's rings, LumaFlow casts a mesmerizing, ringed illumination when lit - a sight of ethereal beauty.

LumaFlow exemplifies our commitment to elevating everyday living through thoughtful engineering and captivating aesthetics.

Rice cooker

Special rice cooker for Japanese people

Aoncia has crafted an electric rice cooker tailored for Japanese households. From daily meals to meticulous cooking methods, our rice cooker gently enhances every family's dining experience. We remain dedicated to developing products that seamlessly integrate into Japanese homes and lifestyles.

Aoncia's rice cooker combines intuitive functionality with elegant design to elevate your culinary journey. Experience the delectable results of finely tuned rice cooking technology - the perfect accompaniment to joyful family meals. Our commitment to quality shines through in this modern home essential.

Rechargeable water brewing pot

In August 2022, our innovative cordless electric kettle was successfully launched after dedicated development. Nearly 800 supporters rallied behind it on Makuake.

Enjoy effortless pour-over coffee or beverages anywhere - at home or outdoors. Customize steep times from 1-99 minutes for your desired strength. The compact 600mL capacity and cordless design (only 1.1lbs) means ultimate portability and versatility across diverse settings!

This ingenious kettle exemplifies our commitment to creating premium, multifunctional products that seamlessly elevate your everyday experiences. Convenient, lightweight, and space-saving - it's the perfect modern brewing companion.

Ultrasonic humidifier

Our ultrasonic humidifier delivers powerful misting in no time. Its debut on crowdfunding platform Makuake garnered support from 262 backers in just a month.

Compact yet boasting a 12L tank for 30 hours of continuous use, it humidifies up to 700ml per hour - more than enough for large rooms. With child lock, auto-off tilt protection, and no filter replacements needed, it's safe, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient.

This humidifier exemplifies our pursuit of innovative home products that elevate convenience and wellness. Experience superior humidity control combined with user-friendly design and thoughtful safety features.

Mission and Vision


Providing exceptional products that make life more convenient and elevate your quality of living - that is Aoncia's unwavering mission.


With our reliable after-sales service, you'll receive a warm response within 24 hours.

Social Responsibility

Since our founding, we've supported education, environmental protection, and health initiatives through donations of funds and technology.