Rice cooker giveaway campaign free

AONCIA will be running the “New Life Support! Rice Cooker Gift Campaign” on its official LINE account until April 20, 2024.
Let's now introduce the ways to participate!
  • Applicants will check the activity products via Line.Line:@582vmjhy
  • 問い合わせメール:help@aoncia.jp
  • I will purchase the item on Amazon after confirming.
  • After receiving the item, we will issue a full refund in the form of an Amazon gift card or PayPal.


  • Purchase Notes
  • First, applicants enter keywords in the Amazon search field and click on the activity product to add it to their cart.

Information on active products (product photos, points, product specifications, and search keywords) will be sent by the person in charge via LINE.


  • Applicants will provide the agent with a screenshot of the "Add to Cart" and their preferred refund method.

① If you do not have a PayPal account, you will need to create one. Please note: New accounts are locked for 21 days. You receive the amount, but you have no control over it. You can take control after 21 days.

  • After confirming the information, the person in charge will refund the applicant.

① For PayPal refund: Only the purchase amount will be transferred. Transfer fees will not be transferred. For example, if the product costs 1000 yen, we will transfer 1000 yen. Due to transfer fees, participants will receive 956 yen. Transfer fees vary depending on the commission rate.

  • Notes
  • As a reminder, if you would like to participate in the activity, please provide your phone number. We will not contact you without permission unless it is urgent.
  • The same product can be entered once. If you have different products and the same Amazon account, you can participate once per month. If you have different Amazon accounts, you can participate 2 to 3 times per month.
We look forward to receiving many applications from everyone!