AC-CFL020 Socket Fan Light with Remote E26 Model

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  • [Light with integrated fan, E26 model, no construction required] AONCIA's latest ceiling fan light delivers light and wind to small spaces. We will create a bright, comfortable, and healthy indoor environment from directly above your room. Compatible with base size E26, just attach it to the light bulb socket, no construction required.
  • [High color rendering, 10 levels of color toning/dimming, 3 levels of air volume adjustment] Uses high-quality LED chips to create a gorgeous space with a beautiful glow. Depending on the installation location, you can choose from three types: daylight color, daylight white color, and light bulb color. You can adjust the color to your favorite lighting mode by 10% from 6500K to 2700K using the remote control, and the brightness of the LED lighting can be adjusted in 10% increments in 10 steps. You can use it depending on the scene. The high-quality blades provide a soft breeze that feels good on your skin. It is also possible to adjust the air volume in 3 stages.
  • [2.4G remote control operation, angle adjustment, memory function] The advanced 2.4G remote control (technical compliance number: 217-241289) has significantly improved operating sensitivity compared to the conventional infrared model. Furthermore, you can not only turn on and off the LED power supply and fan section, but also control color toning, dimming, and air volume adjustment using the remote control. Not only LED lighting, but also great for all seasons. You can also manually adjust the fan angle by approximately 180 degrees vertically and approximately 300 degrees horizontally. Equipped with a memory function, it will reproduce the state just before you turned off the wall switch. (Must be maintained for 15 seconds or more after power is applied)
  • [LED/Fan Timer/Energy Saving/Used in Various Scenes] When the set time (after 30 minutes) has elapsed, the LED/fan will automatically turn off. In addition to high-efficiency LED chips, we are also particular about power supply design technology that maximizes the luminous efficiency of LED chips. Even at maximum lighting, power consumption is only 15W. The maximum power consumption of the fan section is 4W, making it very energy-saving. It can be used in various places such as entrances, toilets, washrooms, etc.
  • [PSE certification/Japanese after-sales service/12 months quality guarantee] This product has obtained PSE mark certification and can be used safely and securely. Furthermore, it comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase, and if you have any initial defects or problems during use, please feel free to contact customer service.