AC-LED-X40W LED ceiling light

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Introducing an integrated LED ceiling light! The thin and compact design does not feel oppressive and gives your room a refreshing impression.

AONCIA's "LED Ceiling Light", which uses energy-saving and long-life LEDs, is popular because it is eco-friendly and does not require the hassle of replacement.


Easy operation with remote control / Memory lighting

You can operate various functions with the remote control. Press and hold the color temperature/brightness button to control stepless dimming and color toning.

You can memorize your favorite brightness setting using the dimming button, and reproduce that brightness at any time using the remote control. (The wall switch remains ON), so it is compatible with a wall switch, so you can easily turn it on and off even if you don't have a remote control.


Color rendering index Ra90, making colors appear more natural

Color rendering index Ra>90, illuminates objects with light close to natural light, making food and skin colors look natural. "Color rendering" is a term used to describe the properties of a light source that affect how colors appear when the light illuminates an object. Lighting that looks close to natural light is called "lighting with high color rendering."


High luminous efficacy with energy saving

Equipped with a low power consumption night light, it is ideal for situations such as a child sleeping alone for the first time, nighttime breastfeeding, and caring for the elderly.

The color temperature can be adjusted from 2700K (light bulb color) to 6500K (equivalent to daylight white), and it supports a unique "full light" mode that makes it easier to read small text, and can be lit approximately 120% brighter than daylight.Books and newspapers. Recommended when reading etc.


The compact design allows for a uniform light emitting surface, and the outer diameter of 40 cm makes the ceiling cleaner, and the light is evenly diffused over the light emitting surface compared to other thick ceiling lights.

Equipped with color and dimming functions: You can freely adjust the light color from cool to warm to suit your daily life. You can change the brightness in stages according to your favorite light color.


Brightness and color temperature switching 10 levels

You can adjust the lighting to various scenes and preferences.

An orange-tinged bulb color creates a warm atmosphere in the room, while a whitish daylight color, similar to sunlight, makes it easier to see things in the room. You can freely change the color from light bulb color to daylight white, and you can also adjust the color to suit your mood.


Sleep Timer

If you set the 30/60 minute timer function with the remote control, the light will automatically turn off to reduce power consumption. It saves electricity and is suitable for people who forget to turn off the power or sleep with the light on.


Easy to install / Prevents insect intrusion

The space between the main unit and the cover is sealed, and the light contains almost no ultraviolet rays, which insects prefer, so it is less likely to attract insects than fluorescent lights. It is also easy to clean. Once installed, there will be a gap of approximately 2-3cm between it and the ceiling (based on the hook ceiling) to make it easier to remove. Please check before purchasing.

If you have a compact, lightweight ceiling light and wiring fixtures that are compatible with the ceiling, even women can easily install it without any electrical work or installation tools.


Ceiling lights are mainly used to illuminate the entire room, so they are used everywhere, including living rooms, children's rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and toilets.

Product features

Product size (cm) Approximately 40 in diameter x approximately 3 in height
Light Color Equivalent to incandescent light color 2700K~daylight color 6500K
Suitable tatami size Recommended for 6-10 tatami mats, suitable for 8 tatami mats
Fixture luminous flux 4000lm (maximum brightness)
Rated voltage 100V(50/60Hz)
Fixed consumption power About 40W
Standby power 1W
Color rendering 90Ra
Dimming/Color Adjustment/Night Light 10 stages (long press no stairs) / 10 stages (long press no stairs) / one button operation
Timer Settings Automatic lights off after 30/60 minutes of sleep timer
Design life 45000 time
set content LED ceiling light main unit, remote control, Japanese instruction manual