The lighting features an acrylic light guide plate, which emits a beautiful, Saturn-like glow when illuminated.

Seven seagull-inspired blades

Featuring a high-performance DC motor and seven blades, it delivers a wide range of airflow, from a gentle breeze to powerful ventilation.

8 stages

Air volume adjustment


Up to 16.5 sq m

10 stages

Dimming function



Creates a soothing and warm atmosphere.



Evoke a natural impression.


Daylight White

Boosts concentration.



Creates a soothing and warm atmosphere.



Evoke a natural impression.


Daylight White

Boosts concentration.

LumaFlow Ceiling Fan Light

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1-year warranty

Reliable after-sales service

Pinnacle of our series

In 2023, after investing millions of yen and countless hours of trial and error, we finally developed the next-generation Ceiling Fan Light, "LumaFlow," combining powerful functionality with stunning design.

First generation

While adopting the commonly used LED lamp in the market, we noticed a lack of aesthetic appeal in its design.

Second generation

We decided to incorporate small light guide panels on the exterior of the lamp. However, we observed that the light was somewhat dim, with noticeable flickering when viewed through a camera, and prolonged use might strain the eyes.

Third Generation - Lumaflow

We've opted for acrylic light guide panels throughout the entirety of the lamp. These panels ensure uniform light diffusion and are suitable for prolonged use. Additionally, they contribute to a beautifully designed exterior.

Slim design for easy setup anywhere

With a total height of just 18.5cm, LumaFlow is notably smaller in size compared to conventional ceiling fan lights, making installation easy and versatile for various settings beyond just the living room.

A ceiling fan light that prioritizes performance and aesthetics


LumaFlow combines convenient features such as lighting, ventilation, and air circulation, allowing one unit to serve the functions of three separate devices simultaneously.




Circulate the air in the room

It features air blowing, adjustable air volume, and air circulation functions. You can switch between strong airflow and reverse air circulation modes.

Air circulation mode

You can alter the airflow direction using the remote control. The typical downward airflow can be adjusted to move from floor to ceiling, facilitating air circulation throughout the room.

Energy-saving for air conditioning

When you turn on LumaFlow's "air circulation mode," the fan reverses, pulling cool air upwards and pushing warm air downwards. This minimizes temperature differences between the top and bottom of the room, creating a more comfortable environment. Air circulation ensures uniform room temperature.

Adjustable rotation angle of 15°

You can adjust the fan to a 15° angle, allowing the airflow to reach a wider area.

Dimmable and adjustable lighting

You might think, "Wouldn't the brightness decrease if there's a fan in the middle of the light?"

With LumaFlow's special structural design, the fan rotation doesn't affect the brightness. Even with the switch on, it can illuminate every corner of the room brightly.

Illuminating panel with uniform lighting at low power consumption

LumaFlow utilizes an acrylic light guide panel. This specially processed panel diffuses light by allowing it to enter from the side, evenly spreading light across the entire panel. As a result, it's suitable for prolonged use.

Stepless dimming

LumaFlow is equipped with stepless dimming functionality, allowing you to adjust the brightness freely from 100% to 10%. This enables precise adjustment of brightness for various everyday scenarios such as using the bathroom at night, browsing your phone in the bedroom, or reading.

Night light mode

You can freely turn on one or two lights. Perfect for those who can't sleep in complete darkness, providing reassurance with the night light mode. Ideal for children sleeping alone or nighttime breastfeeding!

Remote control, memory, and timer

Since it's mounted on the ceiling, remote control operation is a given. With a variety of functions and remote control operation, it's incredibly user-friendly.

Memory function

LumaFlow is equipped with a memory function that remembers the brightness, color temperature, fan rotation angle, and wind speed. This means you don't need to readjust every time you use it; simply turn it on, and it will operate in the last state.


Users can set comfortable times for themselves. For example, when using the fan to support sleep before bedtime, you can set a timer to automatically turn it off.

Wireless remote control

Unlike infrared remotes that require pointing towards the fan light to operate, LumaFlow adopts a 2.4G wireless remote, allowing you to control the fan light from any direction.

Can be used independently

When you only need the lighting function, you can turn on the lighting function alone, even when the fan function is unnecessary. Additionally, you can choose to only activate the fan function during summer nights.

No need for screws! Easy installation

It's a hook-type ceiling fixture, so you can quickly and easily install it by simply checking the installed wiring fixture.