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  1. Compact and healthy. Enables healthy cooking without relying on oil. Easy to clean!
  2. A new-age cooking appliance that allows you to enjoy more fulfilling time at home with just one appliance. The range of cooking expands dramatically.
  3. Heat is transmitted well, so there is no need to turn it over! The smell is suppressed compared to grilling!

Fried food is delicious, but I'm concerned about the calories

It's a hassle to make...

The smell lingers in the room

I think many people feel this way. If you have a non-frying oven, you can easily and healthily make fried foods. With this oneDaily mealsIt becomes much easier.

Not only is it easy to make as it doesn't require oil, but it's also easy to clean, reducingthe hassle of cleaning up.

We highly recommend this non-frying oven to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a new home appliance or who is about to start a new life. This is an amazing toaster oven that has a compact size and cute looks, but can perform 4 functions in 1.


Can be placed in a small space and also broadens the range of cooking

A must-have item for every household. All you have to do is prepare the ingredients and add them, and the non-fried toaster will make them delicious.

In addition to "non-frying cooking", it can also perform "oven cooking", "grilling cooking", and "slow baking"! 4 functions in one!

Non-frying ovens are recommended for those who are short on kitchen space!


In addition to general uses such as gratin and grilled fish, it can also be used to cookmeat and potatoes.


Compact size that won't be a problem to find a place for

I actually tried it ![Case Study] Blog


Compact design of approximately W31 x D29 x H31.7cm. It's compact size makes it easy to place it in a small space on a table or countertop.

Although it is compact with a capacity of 9L, this non-fry toaster is packed with functions that allow you to cook easily and quickly. It reduces the effort and time required for cooking, so it is recommended for busy single-person households or two-person households where both parents work.

Three-tier structure that allows you to cook different dishes simultaneously

The interior has a three-tier structure, so you can cook different dishes at the same time on the upper, middle, and lower shelves. Furthermore, it comes with a tray that can be used according to your needs!


It is easy to make and requires few cooking utensils, so it is also recommended for people who live alone.


Easy to use! 3 steps

Although the non-frying oven is multi-functional, it iseasy to operate, even people who are not good with machines can easily cook by just setting the mode, temperature and time !

You don't have to constantly watch the heat intensity.Another dish in the meantime!


The small window is large, so you can see the doneness of baking and feel safe! You can easily change the time, temperature, and functions even during cooking.

Equipped with an interior light, you can check the warming status.


Recommended for people like this

✔People who don't like fried food

Those concerned about calories and fat content ✔

Those who eat fried foods may experience heartburn or indigestion.

Those who want to maintain their body shape without pushing themselves too hard

Those who are careful about managing their family's health

Recommended for those who are busy with work and child-rearing every day ✔

✔It is recommended even on hot days when you don't want to use fire.


High speed hot air conditioning

You can make fried food without using oil!

Fried foods are high in calories and many people hesitate to eat them. However, by using a non-frying oven, you can make it healthier without using oil.

You can cook comfortably without worrying about oil splashing and getting burned, and without getting the surroundings dirty.For people who want to eat meals that take care of their bodies as they age, we recommend a ``non-fry toaster''.

Even families with children who cannot take their eyes off their children can enjoy cooking with peace of mind.

A fan built into the main unit circulates high-temperature hot air to maintain an eventemperature insideand cook using the fat in the food itself. Masu. You can cook non-fried food that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

What's more, it also removes excess fat, allowing you to prepare healthy and delicious dishes.

P.S. The fallen oil will accumulate in the lower tray.


The outside skin is crispy and delicious! The inside isjuicy! Especially recommended for people who are concerned about their health or are on a diet.


Although it has a crispy texture, it cuts calories, making it both delicious and healthy, allowing you to enjoy healthy fried foods without excess fat.


By installing 6 heaters on the top and bottom of the compact body, quickly heats the entire chamber.

The heat is transmitted well, so there is no need to turn it over! No need for preheating settings like in an oven .

Recommended for those who want to shorten cooking time.


The smell is more subdued compared to grilling!

Not only that, you can also use your time effectively as a relaxing time by reading a book or watching a video while cooking.


Save on your electricity bill!

The electricity bill for a non-fry toaster is 1410W and the usage time is 15 minutes.9.33It costs yen.


Four cooking functions that expand the range of cooking

You can also choose the most suitable heating method according to the ingredients and recipe! With this one device, cooking every day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, will be easy and enjoyable.


Electronic recipe provided!

To help you enjoy using the Non-Fresh Toaster even more, we have created a recipe book with 30 original recipes, from Japanese to Western cuisine. Where to download the electronic version of the recipes


Crispy and healthy with hot air cooking

Fried chicken with an air fryer

You can cook most of the fried foods. In particular, fried chicken, pork cutlet, minced meat cutlet, etc. made from meat with a high fat content have a crispy finish that is typical of deep-fried foods!


Because it can also fry food in a healthy way as a non-fryer,It is also suitable for fried foods such as frozen fries, vegetable chips, and croquettes.


■ Re-frying side dishes

What do you use to reheat fried foods? I think many people use the "warming" function on their microwaves, but don't you find that the fried food becomes soggy due to moisture and is far from delicious?

Non-fry oven side dish trio “fried chicken, croquettes, and tempura” made easy and delicious

It will have a crispy texture like freshly fried!



Finish the dish off juicy

■ Toaster

When used as a toaster, the outside is crispy and the inside is fluffy, making it ideal for toasting bread. You can bake 4 pieces at the same time in the spacious oven! This is a reliable machine for busy mornings when you want to prepare food for your family all at once.

It also comes in handy when making various dishes such as okonomiyaki, foil-baked dishes, and gyoza.


Enjoy freshly baked pizza

You can cook pieces up to a diameter of about 20 cm as a single piece without cutting them.


■ Egg tart


Baked vegetables

You can make homemade dry food just by cutting and arranging fruits and vegetables.


Dried fruit maker



The lower part of the dish can be left intact and deliciously browned, expanding the range of dishes.


Slow Bake

For when you want to slowly cook ingredients such as boiled fish, or for delicate finishing touches at the end of cooking.


It has been very useful since the day I bought it

A mesh basket is convenient for frying, and an oven rack, tray, and handle are also included. A complete set of accessories that allows you to start cooking authentic oven dishes from the day you buy it.

・The mesh grill grill reduces unevenness on the underside as well. (You can use rice cakes as well) As it can be removed and used, it is easy to clean.

- Comes with a tray to catch fallen fat. You can also safely cook roast beef and grilled fish.

Easy to clean!

The grill net and tray can be removed for easy cleaning.
Easy to care for and keep clean.

You can use the dishwasher


Even after use, you can simply remove the rack and wipe the inside of the refrigerator, making it easy to clean!


You can easily open that side, so you can easily wipe it down and clean it without worrying about it being difficult to get your hands into.

This is a point that we would definitely recommend to those who don't want to use it because it's a pain to clean.