Rice cooker 炊飯器 5.5 cups

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Indispensable for daily life! ! Enjoy the deliciousness of rice! !



power supply AC100V (50/60Hz)
Fixed consumption power 500W
Cooking capacity 0.72l
quality 2kg
Evaporation rate 22.5g
Electricity consumption during the year 59.1kWh/year
Power consumption per cooking cycle 165Wh
Power consumption during heat retention per hour 13.7Wh
Power consumption when setting a one-hour timer reservation 0.4Wh
Power consumption during standby per hour 0.2Wh
  • 🍚 [Popular 3-cup rice cooker/7 roles in one] AONCIA's latest microcomputer rice cooker can cook up to 4 cups. It is useful for both large families and people living alone. Quick cooking (combined steaming mode) / White rice / Brown rice / Mixed grain rice / Rice porridge / Rice porridge - 7 functions in one, bringing out the characteristics of each rice and cooking it deliciously. Since the inner pot is made of metal, it has high thermal conductivity and provides well-balanced heating. In addition, because the rice is cooked at low pressure, the aroma of the rice remains intact, and each grain becomes fluffy and delicious.
  • 🍚【Touch Panel Operation/Energy Savings】Easy to use touch panel operation displays intuitive menus and controls when you turn on the power, making it easy to program and adjust settings. In addition, the design consumes less power than large rice cookers; power consumption per rice cooker: 165Wh ●Annual power consumption: 59.1kWh/year. Energy saving and economical.
  • 🍚【Special Design/Space Saving】Perfect for those living alone.The size is width 21.5 x depth 25 x height 19 cm, making it easy to place in the kitchen.It does not get in the way of kitchen shelves. It can be matched with furniture and other home appliances, and is convenient to carry.
  • 🍚 [Reservation function/Inner lid can be removed/Easy to clean] When using the reservation function, you can touch "Reservation/Time" and set the time in 30 minute increments up to a maximum of 24 hours. In addition, the inner lid and non-stick inner pot are easy to clean and do not leave any unpleasant oil stains or odors, making it even easier to clean.
  • 🍚 [PSE certification/Japanese after-sales service/12 months quality guarantee] This product has PSE mark certification, so you can use it safely and securely. Furthermore, it comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase, and if you have any initial defects or problems during use, please feel free to contact customer service.
  • 🍚The power plug is not magnetic, but the main body is male and the female power plug is pushed in, so please make sure to insert it all the way.