S-RC012-W Rice Cooker 2 cups

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Panda-colored rice cooker that integrates cooking, warming, and reservation functions

■ Compatible with various cooking methods Multi-functional 2-cup microcomputer-controlled rice cooker

Cook the food you eat every day in a delicious and healthy way. As a rice cooker, in addition to normal cooking and quick cooking, the rice cooker comes with preset menus optimized for cooking, porridge, keeping warm, and steaming. This rice cooker can cook up to 2 cups of rice, and can also cook 1 cup and 0.5 cups deliciously.

  • [Cook 2 cups, fluffy and delicious] A small microcomputer rice cooker for living alone, can cook rice for 1 to 3 people. Since the pot is made of metal, it has high thermal conductivity and provides well-balanced heating. In addition, because the rice is cooked at low pressure, the aroma of the rice remains intact, and each grain becomes fluffy and delicious.
  • [Space-saving and stylish design] The rice cooker itself is a compact mini size of 18cm x 20cm x 21cm, so it does not take up space and does not get in the way of your kitchen shelf. In addition, the latest design can be attached to furniture or other home appliances, making it convenient to carry.
  • [Quiet operation/Easy to clean] The rice cooker is quiet and releases fine water vapor, so it is designed to prevent water from accumulating in the exhaust port and prevent water droplets from falling. The inner pot is coated with fluorine, which prevents the rice from burning and prevents it from sticking. Cleaning is also easy, just wipe it clean.
  • [13 pattern functions, moisturizing and heat retention] This electric rice cooker can cook brown rice and multigrain rice to bring out their deliciousness according to their characteristics. In addition, it can be used for reservations, warming functions, warming milk, steaming dishes, etc. (It can be kept warm for up to 24 hours, but we recommend keeping it warm for 4 hours or less). This rice cooker has multiple functions in one, making it perfect for those who live alone or are minimalists.
  • [Steaming and Cooking] Comes with a steamer, so you can also cook sticky rice, meat balls, steamed fish, and steamed egg custard. You can easily make stewed vegetables and meat dishes with just one button. Enjoy the original taste of ingredients with easy cooking.