S-RC018F Rice Cooker (3 cups)

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This microcomputer rice cooker is equipped with a heater on the bottom and gradually heats the rice from below. It is easy to purchase for people who have just started living alone and are on a limited budget, or for people who do not eat rice every day.

Rice cooker 3 cups

It also has eight convenient cooking options, including quick cooking, which cooks rice in a short amount of time, and steaming.

Microcomputer rice cooker

With eight different cooking options, you can cook brown rice, sushi rice, and more.

Rice cooker Living alone
Rice cooker 3.5 cups

Each part can be easily removed, making it convenient for cleaning.

Rice cooker for single person

The timer and warming functions are easy to operate, so you can always enjoy warm rice. The simple design is stylish and fits in with a variety of kitchens.

rice cooker

Q: After the rice is cooked, will it automatically keep warm?

A: It will automatically keep the food warm and display the elapsed time of keeping the food warm.


Q: Can I cook red rice?

A: Up to 3 cups of stewed rice or red rice is fine.


Q: Does it show the remaining minutes until the rice is done?

A: It feels like there's a countdown when there are less than 10 minutes left.


Q: How long does it keep warm?

A: The keep warm function will turn off about 24 hours after the rice is cooked. It seems to be designed to save electricity and to ensure the rice tastes good after it is cooked. We recommend keeping the rice warm for 4 hours.

  • [Compact size] Width 21 x depth 25.6 x height 19 cm. Convenient to store and carry! Perfect for small kitchens and dormitories. The rice cooker can cook 3 cups of rice, making it ideal for small families, couples, and people living alone.
  • [Touch Panel Operation] Located on the top of the rice cooker, it is easy to use! The user-friendly design displays intuitive menus and controls when you turn it on, making programming and adjusting settings easy. It comes with a one-year warranty and will be replaced free of charge if it breaks within one year from the date of purchase.
  • [Energy-saving] It is smaller than a large rice cooker and consumes less power, so it only requires a maximum of 0.4W of power consumption per cooking. Energy-saving and economical! It can cook rice faster than a large rice cooker. It also saves time by cooking a small amount of rice.
  • [Easy to use] The timer and keep warm function allows you to set the rice cooker to start cooking at a specific time, giving you more flexibility in your schedule. Once the rice is cooked, it automatically switches to keep warm mode, keeping it warm until it's time to eat. Especially convenient for busy families and those who need to prepare meals!
  • [Multifunctional] The rice cooker can cook white rice, brown rice, mixed grain rice, germinated rice, sushi rice, and porridge, and has a steaming function so you can steam vegetables, fish, dumplings, etc. The inner pot is removable and non-stick, so the rice does not burn and cleaning is easy. Comes with a rice scoop, measuring cup, and steaming basket!