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Indispensable for the next generation's life! This is a voice-controlled humidifier that is safer and has higher performance.


In 2021, Makuake's first product, the "12L evaporative humidifier", which has a large capacity and can quickly humidify, has been released, and we have received support from over 250 people!

Since then, the product has received a lot of positive feedback during general sales, and has been featured in magazines and other media.

The 12L evaporative humidifier has received good reviews from many customers.

The functionality and design are really good, but...

We received many requests such as ``I wonder if I can use it smarter.''

So in 2022, we addedvoice control function, we are launching a new'moka'humidifier.


You can operate hands-free while doing housework, making it even more comfortable!

Why not change your life with the voice control of the 'moka' humidifier?

Anyone, easy, voice control.

You can operate the humidifier just by talking to it.


Convenient voice control feature for various scenes

Even when your hands are busy, you can easily operate it by talking to it.

On a day off at noon

Even during nap time or while being held

You can operate it while taking a nap or while holding your child in your arms without the need for a remote control.


On a family night

During a get-together

While enjoying a meal using a hot plate, you can use your voice to adjust the humidity using the humidifier.


With good night

Only the liquid crystal screen is turned off, the humidifier continues to run. Good night.


On a busy morning

Turn on the switch when you wake up in the morning

You can turn off the operation with your voice without having to search for the remote control.


Humidifiers are the 'guardian deity' of dry seasons!?

As the temperature drops and the weather gets colder, the air becomes drier, and many people complain of problems with their throats and eyes. A humidifier comes in handy in situations like this.

I had considered buying a humidifier before, but...Remote control not found”, “Humidification speed is slow”, “Frequent water supply”, “The floor is soaked”, “Difficult to maintainHave you given up because of reasons such as ``I'm worried about leaning in a dangerous situation''? He developed the AONCIA evaporative humidifier for those people!


Recommended for people like this!

Those who want to humidify for a long time ✅

Those who want to use it easily ✅

People who prioritize the amount of humidity per hour

People who use a humidifier in a spacious room ✅

People who find it a hassle to refill the humidifier

I want to use it safely because I have children and pets ✅


Plenty of humidification

If you want to humidify your air for a short time after you wake up in the morning before heading out to work or school, or when you want to quickly humidify your home after returning home, we recommend the "moka" evaporative humidifier, which has a quick start-up time. The amount of humidification per hour is a powerful 500mL, so it can provide sufficient humidification capacity even in large rooms.

For people who use air conditioners often, we recommend using a "moka" humidifier. A humidifier is especially essential for those who sleep with the air conditioner on.


Quickly humidify the whole room

Quickly create a moisturized space. No matter where you use it, such as the living room or bedroom, it will humidify thoroughly. Quickly transform your living room or bedroom into a comfortable space.


P.S. Based on the amount of water that can be released per hour = (e.g. 500ml/h) at a room temperature of 20℃ and humidity of 30%, as specified by the Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association standard "JEM1426" (*1) The applicable floor area (approximate) is determined.


12LEquipped with a large capacity tank

Because of the large capacity water tank, one water supply takes approximately 30 hoursContinuous humidification is possible. You can use it safely even when you go to bed because you only need to replenish water a few times. As your best partner, we will support you on dry days.


Compact and stylish design

Compact design of approximately W26 x D26 x H43cm. Compact yet stylish design that looks great in your interior! It has a simple and stylish design that fits in any place, so you can place it anywhere, including the kitchen, living room, and bedroom.




Moisturize your life with a vaporizing humidifier!

Evaporative humidification is a humidification method that evaporates water by blowing wind through a filter that contains water.


It can be installed around a desk where materials and electronic devices are kept and can be used safely without getting the surrounding area wet with water vapor or heating the exhaust port.


It does not easily form condensation, so there is no risk of the floor or bed becoming soaked. Even while you sleep, the evaporative humidifier protects you from dryness with just the right amount of moisture.


If it's vaporized, the particles of water vapor are very small.



UV-C Light

The UV light keeps the inside of the tank sanitary, and the tank is constantly humidified with clean air.


What is the definition of 'appropriate humidity'?

Aim for 40-60%! Control indoor humidity and live a healthy life. During the dry winter season, a humidifier is a must-have to stay comfortable.



Automatically maintain the appropriate humidity level

Equipped with a double sensor that detects temperature and humidity, it automatically maintains the optimal humidity. You can see the humidity in the room at a glance. You can feel comfortable in both winter and summer.

Humidification automatically stops when the indoor humidity reaches the set humidity. Humidification will be performed again if the humidity drops by 5% below the setting. This is a recommended model that not only adds moisture to the room, but also helps save electricity by eliminating wasted electricity.


Let's spend our lives slowly in a high humidity environment

Automatically drive with a humidity level of around 40-60% as a guideline.


Save on your electricity bill!

Low power consumption and safe operation for long periods of time. The electricity bill for an evaporative humidifier that uses natural evaporation instead of a heating type is 222 yen/month (8 time (if used for one month).

Electricity fee = 0.035kW *8 o'clock * 30 days * 26.48 yen = 222 yen

*Electricity charges are calculated by power consumption x usage time x number of days of usage x electricity supply company's electricity rate unit price. The unit price is without discount (tax included) per 1kWh and is as of June 7, 2022. Tokyo Electric Power Company: 26.48 yen


Safe for children and pets

Since it is an evaporative humidifier, the machine itself does not get hot. It is also equipped with a child lock function and an automatic fall-off function. It is also safe for families with small children.

Equipped with child lock function

Comes with a child lock function that does not change settings even if you touch the button. Prevents malfunctions caused by mischief or accidental touching.


■ Automatic power off if it falls

If the machine falls over, it willpower off automatically. Even if an earthquake occurs, the damage can be minimized.


It's very easy to use!

It's something you use every day, so make sure it's easy to use. No complicated operations are required.

Press the water supply ⇒ power button


2WAY water supply possible

Top water supply is easy! You can easily refill water without having to carry around a heavy tank.

1. There is a water supply port on the side, allowing water supply even during operation.


2. Remove the upper body and fill the lower water tank with water


■ Easy maintenance of the humidifier filter!

Can be washed and reused,

The filter is easy to remove and can be washed to remove dirt. It is most recommended for those who value cleanliness and those who want easy care.


Always clean with a thorough wash

The structure allows each part to be disassembled, making it easy to clean. The wide mouth tank makes it easy to reach inside, making it convenient when you want to wash every nook and cranny.


Useful features and characteristics

■ Humidification mode

Choose the most appropriate mode among the 3 levels of humidification.


■ Automatic OFF Timer

You can set a timer to automatically stop operation using the "Timer" button. Can be set up to 12 hours.


■LED digital panel

Equipped with a highly visible digital display panel using LED lamps. Digital display allows for more intuitive operation.

The currenttemperature and humidity are displayed in a large size on the control panel. The easy-to-understand digital display allows you to check the numbers immediately.


■ Easy operation [Automatic] mode equipped

No complicated settings are required; press the [Sleep] button for about 3 seconds to enter [Automatic]. The LCD will automatically turn off, the humidity will be maintained at 60%, and the power will turn off automatically after 9 hours of continuous humidification.

We have achieved two comforts: ``quietness until you fall asleep'' and ``moisture after you fall asleep.''

*The setting method for our conventional product requires at least 13 operations: 5 operations to increase the humidity from 40% to 60% in 5% increments, and 8 operations to set the timer in 1 hour increments from 1 hour to 9 o'clock.


■ Silent design

You are less likely to be bothered by noise even while sleeping, and you can effectively humidify the air.


■ Touch panel and remote control compatible

You can operate various functions using the humidifier's LCD panel and the remote control that comes with the humidifier. You can remotely control it from the comfort of your sofa.